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Founded in 2017 by Rabbi Zalman & Chana Traxler to address the spiritual needs of the tens of thousands of tourists who come through Tzfat each year, in addition to cultivating a community with the local English speakers. Located in the heart of the heart of the Artist Colony, it is our mission to provide a platform for joyful Jewish expression that infuses all who are involved with a love and connection to Judaism. Many visitors and locals who are in search of life’s deeper meaning or on a spiritual quest often leave Tzfat with merely a souvenir or memory. Chabad By The Galleries is dedicated to change that; we’re here to fulfill the spiritual quest of each and every Jew and make sure all who walk away did a mitzvah. We aim to harness the power of community to better ourselves, our neighborhood and the world.

Chabad by the Galleries 

DBA: Friends of Chabad By The Galleries; A non-profit 501(c)3 Organization. [Tax ID#: 82-2598108]

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