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Torah Dedication

“It is a tree of life for those who grasp it, and those who support it are fortunate”

 Judith Loseff & Family Torah Dedication
Dedicated in honor of her children and grandchildren


 לזכר ולעילוי נשמת יוכבד בת יוסף ע'ה וחיים שלמה בן שמואל  ע'ה 

Artist Quarter Minyan invites you to Be a part of it! 

Own spiritual real estate in Tzfat - Buy an honor in our community Torah!


In Jewish tradition, a Torah is welcomed to the community as a new bride and groom are celebrated by their families and friends. The Torah is introduced under a traditional marriage canopy (Chupah) and is accompanied by music and festivities. Every community member is an integral part of the celebration - just as a family member is to the wedding.

Please join us in writing history by dedicating a part of the Torah and by participating in the festive celebration. 

Monday August 21, 2023 / Elul 4, 5783

Completion ceremony at 3:00pm at the Tzfat Kabbalah Center Alkabetz st.
4:30pm Parade to AQM 45 Tet Vav & Hakafot 
5:30pm Hakafot

6:15pm: Festive meal 
Please RSVP

Inviting all men, women and children to take part in this auspicious celebration!
Bring your flags and musical instruments! 

Those who purchased an honor and would like to complete a letter in the completion ceremony MUST arrive at 3:00pm to the Tzfat Kabbalah Center to ensure a letter.

Memories from our previous Torah dedication ceremony!



The Torah is our most precious item, sustaining the Jewish people throughout history. It tells us that every Jew, regardless of background or knowledge, has an equal share in the Torah.

The 613th and final mitzvah in the Torah is that every Jew writes his own Sefer Torah. Our Rabbis have taught that one can fulfill this mitzvah by dedicating a portion or even one letter in a Torah.

Have the Sofer write a portion or a letter in the Torah just for you!  
Both children and adults will be given an opportunity to participate in this mitzvah.

This is also an opportunity to honor someone by donating in their name.

A beautiful certificate will be provided to each donor. 

Choose your Honor*

*Purchasing a word in the Torah is Symbolic and you may get 2 letters with the scribe in the Torah. A verse, Special passage or book allows you 5 letters in the Torah .

Tizku L'Mitzvot ☺


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