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Great People.

Great Davening

Artist Quarter Minyan
new location

Our Shul

Monthly Building Expenses:

Rent: 2,000 ₪

Arnona: 2,000 ₪

Electricity: 1,000 ₪

Water: 500 ₪

Insurance: 500 ₪

Cleaning: 800 ₪

The Artist Quarter Minyan is warm, opening & non-judgemental. It's a place where people can feel a sense of belonging. A place where people listen, and care. That’s what drives us. That’s what we’re passionate about.


We are moving into a critical stage in our growth. The shul’s grand re-opening is soon, and

WE NEED YOU! We are launching The Grateful Yid Club, where you can donate any amount on a monthly basis, to help cover our monthly expenses. This is what makes up our family, our community.


Who is a Grateful Yid you ask? A Grateful Yid has a heart full of song, a heart full of love, and is always ready. We have lots of great plans ahead! Summer BBQ's, library events, classes, flea markets, and melava malkas!


Join us in building our shul's foundation for the future. Become a Grateful Yid today!


Zalman & Chana Traxler Artist Quarter Minyan

Thank You for your Grateful Yid membership!

Minyan Times

Friday Night

Mincha followed by Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv: @Candle lighting

Shabbos Day

Chassidus: 8:30 AM w/ R Zalman Nelson

Shacharis: 9:15 AM followed by Kiddish

Junior Minyan: 10:15 AM

Our Details 

058.545.6667 [Tzfat]

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